Saltwater Performing Arts, previously St. Marys Children's Theatre, is entering it's fourth season of Junior programs for elementary aged children.  These little shows are big on fun and learning, with a focus on the basics. 


Children spend 16-18 weeks in a fee-based workshop during which time they learn socialization, theatre terminology and etiquette, timing, choreography, and of course, the show itself.  Every participant earns a role, and their efforts, culminates with three live performances of the show. 

These adorable productions are not to be missed as the skill and effort put forth by the youngsters is truly unforgettable.

Our December 2020 production of Dear Edwina, JR. was a huge success!  We owe a debt of gratitude to our cast members their parents and the community for helping return our Junior productions to the spotlight!


We will proudly present, Disney's Moana, JR. as our spring 2021 production.  This newly released show is based upon the 2016 movie and includes many fan favorites.  Open to elementary aged students, we do anticipate this class to fill quickly so register today!

Brandilyn Kessler

Managing Director



Phil Humphries

Technical Director

Jennifer Humphries


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