**Payment Plans available. Please pay your registration (1 per participant) and select from one the following payment plans: payment in full (1), split payments (2), or monthly payments (4). A late payment fee of $15 will apply. See details.


***For full program details & requirements visit www.saltwaterpac.org/cast and review the Registration Packet and Acknowledgement documents.


*Includes $3 Covid-19 Mitigation Fee

Tuition & Participation Pack Payment Portal

  • IMPORTANT: Please pay the $25 registration fee in advance to ensure availability and reserve your spot.   Then choose your payment preference below.  Payment plans include tuition fees $200 and participant pack $40 (T-shirt, 1/8 ad in Currents program), Covid-Mitigation fee $3, plus a $7 (3%) processing fee. 


    1. Full payment: $250 (plus $25 registration paid separately)
    2. Split payment: $125 payment one + $125 payment due in 8 weeks (plus $25 registration paid separately)

    3. Monthly Payments:  $62.50 per monthly for 4 months (plus $25 registration paid separately)

    ** Income based scholarships are available on a first come, first served basis.  Please contact the office at 912-510-9700