1. Today's Youth to Tomorrow's Leaders - SMCT / Saltwater Performing Arts believes that every child has the potential to be a leader or a positive force in society.


2. Reaching Out - SMCT / Saltwater Performing Arts believes that all families and children deserve the opportunity to discover their full potential through programs that engage the entire community.


3. Diversity and Inclusion - SMCT / Saltwater Performing Arts believes in the value of every individual and that diversity and inclusion creates a global understanding of the importance of acceptance.


4. Cultural Heritage - SMCT / Saltwater Performing Arts  believes that providing a cultural education develops passion, creativity, imagination, and confidence which are critical for coping with society's challenges.


The mission of the St. Marys Children’s Theatre (d.b.a Saltwater Performing Arts)  is to provide performing arts education that inspires and enhances the cultural life of the southeastern coastal Georgia community by offering a stimulating, creative, and supportive outlet to children and youth, helping them build self-confidence and character, while developing self-expression, independence, and responsibility.
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Whose Who

Marci McCosh

Executive Director

Megan Kaufman

Founder & President

Lisa Allen


Jan Shiff

Director of Operations


of Directors

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