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Join Our Board of Directors

Business Conference

A Director must bring to the organization a commitment of time and/or financial support, and innovative ideas that enhance the organization's goals and objectives.



The Treasurer shall receive and have custody of all monies and securities of the corporation, shall pay such dividends as may be required of him/her by the board of directors, and such other duties as usually devolve upon such officers. The directors may require the treasurer to give such security for the faithful performance of his/her duties as they shall from time to time determine. The treasurer may appoint, with approval of the board, a qualified fiscal agent or member of the staff to assist in performance of all or part of the duties of treasurer.

Fundraising Coordinator

The Fundraiser shall attend all sessions of the board of directors.   The fundraising coordinating is to provide leadership, financial support, and connection to donors and potential donors and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the board of directors, under whose supervision he/she shall be.  

Key Credentials and Personal Qualities

  • Degree in Nonprofit Management, Business Administration, Finance, Economics or its equivalent

  • 5-10 years successful leadership experience at a social impact organization

  • Commitment to results; 'can-do" mindset with emphasis on accountability

  • Experience at change leadership and change management

  • Strong motivational and staff leadership abilities

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills

  • Sense of humor, integrity, impeccable work ethic

  • Knowledge of Office Suite and Excel required

Please send a current resume covering the last 10 years, two business references and a cover letter stating why this is the right position for you and Saltwater Performing Arts (SMCT). 


Email to:

Attn: Jan Shiff

For additional information:

Contact Jan Shiff at 912-510-9700

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