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Welcome to Saltwater Performing Arts

formerly St. Marys Children's Theatre

So much has changed since we began our mission seven years ago, we thought a revamp was in order, hence, our new name and look!  We have more programming than ever with participants now ranging age 5 to 95.  And while we began with a mere two shows a year we now host 6-per season.  Our programs are intended to engage families and now include multiple generations, both on stage and off. Learn more about our program offering by selecting the program that suits your children and family below.

Select a troupe to learn more: 

Improv Group
Artist Performing on Stage


Middle/High School

Young Adult, Plus

Office: 204 Arnow Drive, St. Marys, Georgia, United States
Venue: 210 E. William Avenue, Kingsland, Georgia, United States
Phone: (912) 510-9700

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