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Volunteer Opportunities

To be added to our general volunteer pool, please complete our questionnaire.    Click here 


Guest Technical Directors

For details on this position, please click HERE.


3 Program Marketers

Work closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors and Marketing Manager to successfully market the organization and all it's programs.  This includes print and social media, and may also include radio and television.  Each theatre troup has it's own Program Marketer, reporting up to the Marketing Manager.  This is a non-paid position. 


Reconcile daily transactions between bank accounts Quick-Books and interface with the organizations accounting firm.  Work closely with the Treasurer to insure timely delivery of financial statements, tax documents and budgets.

Fundraising Chairperson (3)

Each theatre troupe (Junior, Mainstage, Encore) is to have it's own fundraising chair that works closely with the Fundraising Manager to insure effective fundraising efforts that benefit each troupe individually, and the company as a whole.


Please send a current resume with a cover letter stating why this is the right position for you.   

Email to:

Attn: Jan Shiff

For additional information:

Contact Jan Shiff at 912-510-9700

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